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Special Oil Product----Odorless Kerosene

  Product properties, applications: Using 180℃-240℃ virgin kerosene as the raw material, this product is finely made after hydrogenation treating, molecular sieve dewaxing, hydrogenation dearomatization. The characteristics of the product are low wax (normal paraffin), low sulfur, low nitrogen, low aromatic hydrocarbons. It may be widely used as the aerosol insecticide solvents, odorless kerosene, polishing agents, liquid mosquito incenses, printing inks, metal cleaning agents, liquid soap, odorless paint solvents. Since low aromatic hydrocarbon is harmless to human body, it contributes to environment preservation.

  Typical Data:


Typical Data

Test Method

ST-1 ST-3
Chroma ,Number      no Smaller Than +3O +30


Density( 20℃ ),kg/m3 770—800 790—820


Distillation Range  initial boiling point℃ no lower than
dry point,℃ no higher than
140 180


280 280
Flash Point,℃       no lower than 32 60


Real Colloid ,mg/100ml   no larger than 5 10


Freezing Point,℃     no higher than -40 -30


Aromatic Hydrocarbons,%( m/m ) 0.1 0.1

ultraviolet spectrum

Aniline Point,℃ Report Report


Bromine Value, gBr/100g  no larger than 0.5 1.0


Sulfur Content,%( m/m )  no larger than 0.0005 0.0005


Soluble Acids and Bases None无 None无


Mechanical Impurity and Water 无None None无

See Note见注

Note: When the samples are injected into a 100ml glass measuring cylinder in 15-25℃, they should be transparent and there should be no suspension, precipitated organic matters or water. If there's disagreement, perform the test according to GB/T260 and GB/T511.

Packaging, Storage andTransportation: by 170kg metal pails.
Special Oil Product----Special Solvent Oil

Product Introduction:
  This special solvent oil mainly consists of C9,C10,C11 naphthenics and isoparaffins.It is as odorless as water and it looks like water. It is an environmental product with high solubility stability and safety factor. It is harmless to human body no matter it is in liquid or gas.

Product Properties and Applications
  It may be widely used as the aerosol insecticide solvents, adhesives, polishing agents, liquid mosquito incenses, textile printing inks, metal cleaning agents, liquid soap, odorless paint solvents.

Typical Data

Test Item Typical Value Test Method
Distillation Range  Initial Boiling point,℃  180  GB/T6536
Dry point,℃    205 
Flash point, ℃    61 GB/T261
Kinematic Viscosity,mm2/s 1.2  GB/T265 
Acidic Value, mgKOH/100ml      0.01  GB/T264
Solidifying point ,℃         -30 GB/T510
Color Saybolt Number        +30 GB/T3555
Water, %  none GB/T260
Inorganic Impurity ,% none   GB/T511 
Self ignition point ,℃ none   
Soluble Acids and Bases   GB/T259
Density( 20℃ ),g/cm3 0.76 GB/T1884
Sulfur, 10-6% 0.02   GB/T380
Aromatic Hydrocarbons ,%      0.2  
Aniline point, ℃  70   GB/T262
Benzene, Methylbenzene ,10-6% < 1   
Group Composition ( volume ),%      
Saturated Hydrocarbons > 99  
Alkene < 0.05  
Aromatic Hydrocarbons  < 0.05   
Packaging, Storage and Transportation: by 170kg metal pails.

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